Lobeve Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set


Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, but my favorite — or should I say my dog’s favorite — are the interactive ones.

If you haven’t heard about the Tether Tug outdoor dog toy, your dog is missing out! It’s the ultimate backyard tug toy for dogs. The Tether Tug mounts right in the ground and dogs can play unlimited games of tug of war. The perfect dog toy for dogs who love to play tug

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  • ✔Contains Assorted 10 toys
  • ✔strong chew rope with Interactive toy, puncture resistant ball, Flying Discs,Toy Ropes,Squeak Toys and more. Keep your best friend entertained for hours of play and exercise
  • ✔Ideal for small and medium dogs
  • ✔Holiday, birthday or everyday, this dog treats/toys gift set is just what your Doggie ordered
  • ✔Clean and inspect after each use. Remove damaged toys


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